Please put your state in the email subject or casual if it's just to say hi, I'm getting so many emails, this makes it easier to sort and I try to reply to everyone, thanks!

Also for paid jobs please try to include a description and compensation



I am a state champion welder and artist by trade. I love alternative lifestyle fashion and I am happy to work with designers and company's in that genre. Expect me to bring professionalism and and A game to every shoot, tfp/paid or otherwise. I am currently only accepting paid assignments, if you are some crazy amazing photographer that makes my jaw hit the table then I will consider TF- I believe my portfolio is diverse and full of great photographers, in a trade shoot you have to consider that your images would need to be better than what I have posted or you'd be the only one getting beneficial images from the shoot.



Take a look at my list "how I want to be portrayed", please note That their are no soft core porn, no senior photos, no extremely amateur photos, no non artistic nudes, those are not photos I am interested in doing. Note that I will shoot nude but that is for exceptional photographers only, like my portrayed list. Also known as the average photographer is not getting me naked for photos. This includes payed work!


 I take direction well and being an artist am extremely visual, start shooting, show me a few examples of what's going on in the shots and we will end up with great poses. I've had 10 years of dance classes so I retained a good portion of my flexibility from that.


I am a firm believer of supporting people you've worked with so I heavily support photographers, and companies I have worked for.



I am inspired by steampunk, Victorian, corsets, leather, goggles, rockabilly, macabre, sprinkles, antique, octopi and tattoos



I also have a tattoo shop we can do shoots at for a location also, I'd love to start sending photos into tattoo magazines and work on getting more published images



Tattoos- right ribs-woman/butterfly, left arm-mizuno junko full sleeve, knuckles-opheliac, back of thighs-beautiful suffering, chest-lostfish girls face and filigree-extends to stomach, throat-crown and skeleton keys.

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